Saturday, 12 November 2011

12 Main Names of Lord Ganesha

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12 Main Names of Lord Ganesha

Sumukha : "The very graceful Lord"

Ekadanta : "The Lord who has only one tusk"

Kapila : "The Lord of a tawny color"

Gajakarna : "The Lord with elephant ears"

Lambodara : "The Lord with a prominent belly"

Vikata : "The Misshapen"

Vighnanâsaka : "The Lord destroyer of obstacles"

Ganâdhipa : "The Lord Protector of the Gana"

Dhûmraketu : "The Lord of a smoky color" with two arms riding on a blue horse, Ruler of the Kali Yuga

Ganâdhyaksha : "The Minister of the Gana"

Bhâlachandra : "The Lord who wears the moon crescent on his head"

Gajânana : "The Lord with an elephant face".

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